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The buses arranged by “MGC Bus” are designed with this in mind so that customers can ride safely and securely.
Promulgated on March 31, 2006, due to revisions to the Road Transport Law, etc., the introduction of transport safety management became mandatory from October 1, 2006. In “MGC Bus”, the promotion of this transportation safety management is positioned as the basis of the operation of the passenger car transportation business. We have established the following “Basic Policy on Safety of Passenger Vehicle Transportation” and declare our safety management.
We will strive to understand information from the management of the tour bus company to which we are arranged to the site, and will ensure that information is shared and communicated with the tour bus company that creates the goals and plans for transportation safety. We declare that we will work to ensure and improve transportation safety by continuously improving our operations and managing records.
In order to put the above into practice, we will set up the following “basic policy on transportation safety” at our workplaces and work to raise the awareness of all employees.

“Basic policy on transport safety”
We give top priority to safety in all our business activities.
  1. Ensuring transportation safety is the foundation of our company, the spirit of improving safe transportation services
  2. Education and training on transportation safety
  3. Communication and sharing of information regarding transportation safety
  4. Traffic Accident Prevention Activities
  5. Transport Safety Audits
  6. We will actively disclose information related to transportation safety.

Report year 2020

Sightseeing Bus Division
Main sales office: 6-8 Yamazaki Kaizukacho, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture

Company name: MGC Co., Ltd.

Year of company establishment: 2007

Representative name: Mikako Takeshima

Title: Representative Director

Fiscal Year 2013

Contents of the conditions attached to the permit Limited to small and medium-sized vehicles

1 car garage

1 break/nap room

Reported fare/charge type Publicly announced fare (PDF)

Status of participation in bus associations, etc.
Japan Transportation Environment Association
General Incorporated Association Bus United Safety

Name of person in charge: Mikako Takeshima

Contact person in charge 04-7197-3393

Sales Office Name Chiba Sales Office

Name of prefecture where sales office is located Chiba Prefecture

Information about owned vehicles

Number of vehicles: 3

2017 model (year) average vehicle age 3 years

Vehicle equipped with a drive recorder Number of installations: 3

Vehicle equipped with a digital operation recorder Number of units introduced 3 units

Number of ASV-equipped vehicles introduced: 0 units

Number of retrofitted vehicles among ASV-equipped vehicles: 0

Main customers Sightseeing transportation (daytime)

1 medium size

2 small

Voluntary insurance

Personal insurance Unlimited

Property insurance Unlimited

Information on personnel structure

Information related to operation manager and maintenance manager

Operation manager: 2 people, including 2 people who concurrently hold other duties (drivers, etc.)

Operation management assistant 2 people, including 2 people who concurrently hold other duties (office work, etc.)

Maintenance manager 1 person, including 1 person who concurrently holds other duties (driver, etc.)

Maintenance management assistant: 0 people, including 0 people who concurrently hold other duties (drivers, etc.)

Average salary level A
average salary
350,000 yen per month

Social insurance, etc. 5 members

Health insurance for 5 people

Welfare pension 5 people

Industrial accident insurance 5 people

Employment insurance 5 people

Average length of service 3 years

Communication system for information related to transportation safety The communication method is defined in the organization chart

Method of communicating information Holding meetings, etc. Issuing company newsletters, etc.

How to report from the crew in an emergency Telephone Other

Appropriateness of work implementation system○

Implementation status of transportation safety education and training

Educational training (number of times per year)

Driver education 5 times Training 2 times or more

Operation manager: 5 safety education meetings, 5 education sessions, 2 or more training sessions

Maintenance manager Education 5 times Training 2 times or more

2020 implementation status (PDF)

Results of internal audits related to transport safety and measures taken or intended to be taken based on them

Implementation of internal audits (number of times per year)

Establishment of various regulations, etc. Twice No remarks

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations 2 times No indication

Effectiveness of the PDCA cycle 2 times No indication
Annual running km 24400Km
per 100,000 km traveled
Number of serious accidents: 0

Improvement status of business in response to administrative action Good

Business improvement report

Information on the utilization status of safety checks by external organizations

Transportation safety management evaluation by a private certification body (last 3 years) ○ Safety evaluation certification

Transportation safety management seminars at private certification bodies (last 3 years) ○

Information on transport safety management

Date of notification of safety management regulations: June 4, 2014

Safety manager

Mikako Takeshima

Date of appointment June 4, 2014

“Safety Policy Goals”

April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020

We give top priority to safety in all our business activities.

  1. 0 injuries
  2. 0 property damage accidents for which we are responsible
  3. Eradication of Drunk Driving and Speeding
  4. Thorough safety education

“Achievements Based on Safety Policy”

number of accidents

Number of fatal accidents 0 cases

Number of serious injury accidents: 0

Number of minor injury accidents: 0

Number of property damage accidents 0 cases

Number of accident reports submitted: 0

Number of health-related accidents: 0 cases

Eradication of Drunk Driving and Speeding Achieved
Thorough safety education Achieved

Information Transmission System and Other Organizational Structures Related to Transport Safety (PDF)
Safety management regulations (PDF)

Safety Movement

Spring national traffic safety campaign (implementation period April 6-15)
Summer transport safety inspection (Implementation period July 1st to July 8th)

National Traffic Safety Campaign in Autumn
Comprehensive safety inspection for year-end and New Year transportation, etc.